Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some New Bears At Last!

Wow lookie here! I've got two new bears to show you :) I haven't been idle at all. I have just sent my photo to Sandi for the Australasian Creative Design Awards, it was really hard to get a good photo of that creation. Some things just never seem to come out so well in a photo, unlike the house which always looks alot tidier and cleaner than in real life ;-) I guess the camera doesn't really focus on the dog hair balls hiding in the corners or the drifts of bear fur floating around............. Ah the bears! Here we have Luna (the brown bear with contrasing ears) and Rosa. Each has a double neck joint and Rosa also has joints at her wrists. They are both made from beautiful tipped Schulte alpaca. Luna's fur is brown with black tip while Rosa's is a gorgeous chocolate brown with an almost dusky rose tip (hence her name). Of course they both have some really cute sculpted leather feet, made from some wonderfully soft leather I brought back from England with me last year. I'll try to get them up on my website with some more information a little later, right now the dog is hassling for a walk and I need the exercise.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ginger's having a Giveaway!

My dear Blogging friend Ginger Brame is having a Spring giveaway. The sweet little bear in the photo is Blossom, and she's up for grabs over at Ginger's Blog. Just click on her photo and you'll be whisked away over to the right place :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

You've Gotta Try This!

I have been using this thimble for some weeks now and I'm totally converted! It looks very insubstantial, but therein lies it's practicality. It is a small, concave and dimpled stainless steel disc which attaches to your finger with strong double sided tape. When I'm sewing it stays there for hours, in fact the longer it is attached to my finger the stronger it's hold, and I forget it's there. I have quite a collection of various thimbles that I have accumulated over the years, some are homemade leather protectors, some I have bought. My mother gave me a lovely antique silver thimble many years ago, which I used constantly until I wore through the tip. I took it to a jeweler for repairs and he thought he was doing me a favour when he smoothed out all the dents on the tip! Obviously he had never sewn in his life and didn't realise why they were there, the thimble was rendered useless and now resides in a display cabinet with a few other "treasures". And no I'm not left handed I just popped the thimble on my other hand so I could hold the camera for the photo without contorting myself and doing myself a mischief :)