Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Much Going On Here

I have my 20 month old grandson, Tobias, staying with me for a couple of days, so the only time I can get anything significant done is when he's gone nunights! Even though he seems to be extremely self contained and entertains himself really happily, I have to keep a very watchful eye on him, particularly as he seems to be attracted to all the sharp things associated with sewing bears!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sandi Sent Me A Button

Sandi Smith over at Bearly Sane has sent me a button for my give aways, feel free to lift it and use it on your own blogs :)
Thanks so much Sandi, you're such a gem to find the time to do this for me when you're in the thick of it!
In case you didn't realise, Sandi's in the middle of getting the TBACA Be My Valentine Show ready for our opening on February 13th, check out the TBACA website for the details.

Imminent Danger!

I'm in imminent danger of having to add another Blog giveaway! In celebration of 100 followers I will be adding another bear to my giveaway. So on the 13th of February when I do the draw for my first anniversary, if I have 100 followers, I will be drawing not one name but two names from the hat! If you have already signed up you're in, the same rules apply. Sign up as a follower and leave a comment, if you add a link to your blog mentioning the giveaways you will get two extra chances in the draws. You can leave your comments here or in the earlier giveaway post.
Woohoo this is FUN!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I spent all of yesterday in therapy. Not really but it sure felt like it. I've started the enormous task of sorting out my bearmaking supplies, starting with my huge stash of fabric! Wow, I never realised how much I had until I saw it all in one place, not scattered in boxes all over the house :) I also realised that my penchant for alpaca is more than evident when I perused the pile, I would say that is constitutes around 90% of my stash!

And the leathers! I spent several hours stripping down various pieces of opshop leather clothing, getting rid of linings, zippers, studs, shoulder pads and ended up with a big pile. I found some small pieces that I've had for years from which I may be able to squeeze some fabulous feet, but I seem to have mislaid them again.......perhaps swallowed by the heap. I'll have to go through it all again to locate them because I really, really want to use those pieces! Though there are lots of other pieces to choose from :)

You know all those bags of scraps you accumulate, the bits that are too small to do anything with but are too big to toss? You know, you've had them for years and still they accumulated, well I TOSSED them! Yep, I know I was never going to use them and they were taking up precious storage space. I have a friend who teaches primary school and I will donate some of the better pieces to her for the children to use in their art, with Easter around the corner they can make some furry bunny collages.
There is still so much to do, all the incidentals like hardware, I've dealt with the software ;) sewing thread, the magazines which seem to breed, the bits and pieces scattered far a wide all need a home where I can lay my hands on them without spending precious hours rummaging. I'm determined to be more organised this um I think I said that last year, perhaps if I keep saying it, it will happen but maybe not over night!
Thanks for listening, I may take a break today and actually do some sewing......after all there's a gorgeous pile of alpaca beckoning and bears in my head.
Oh and don't forget to sign up for my blogiversary giveaway, I should have some idea of what it will be in a few days, Bye for now :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Sneak Peek 2

This is more like it! With some email help from Linda at Lombard Bears ( I managed to get this! What fun!

Not Quite What I Had In Mind

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Well this isn't quite what I intended, but it looks like fun :) This is a sneak peek at the bears I will have in the "Be My Valentine" online show next month. I'm sure Sandi was spitting at me and my limited computer abilities on Sunday night, but after a few hitches I got the photos off to by the skin of my teeth again! I will have to be more organised next time, to save Sandi some anxiety. It is all in her capable hands now as she gets the site ready for our opening on February 13, I sure hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Blogiversary and a Give Away!

I've been thinking lately, that with my first blogging anniversary just around the corner, it's time for a Blog give away :) I haven't actually decided what it will be yet, but it will be a bear made by me. So here's the deal; if you want to be included in the draw. If you aren't already one, register as a follower and leave a comment. If you mention the give away and add a link on your blog you will be entitled to 2 extra chances in the draw. When the time comes, ( February 13th at 9pm AEST) I'll use a highly scientific method to choose the winner (ie;names in a hat)
In the meantime I'll put my skates on and make the bear so that it's ready to post out to the lucky winner. I will also take a photo to show you all what's up for grabs :) Good Luck and many thanks to you all for your support during the year it's been a blast!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keeping the Monsters at Bay

It's high Summer here in Tasmania with long days of sunshine, but not too hot on the whole. We have been eating strawberries harvested daily from the garden along with salads of picking leaves, (oak leaf lettuce, rocket, baby beet, spinnach) but best of all we have just pulled up the garlic grown from cloves pushed into the soil deep in Winter. As the bulbs cure I've been stringing them together to make a garlic rope and there is an all pervading aroma of garlic about the no self respecting vampire will be visiting us any time soon!