Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Peek

As promised here is another little peek at what I will be offering at the BMV online show. It's not too far away now :o)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BMV Sneak Peek

With the Be My Valentine Show coming up in February, it's time for the sneak peeks! I'll be trotting out a few of these over the next couple of weeks to whet your appetites. I hope you like what you see. Also, a reminder of my giveaway which will be drawn on the 19th of Feb. There are no strings attached to this one, all you need do is leave a comment on the giveaway post to be in the running, (and a means of contact, if you don't have blog or aren't a member of TT or TBACA)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lets Make It A Double!

I promised another giveaway. I've decided to make it a double, in celebration of 100 posts and also my Blog anniverary which is coming up in February. If you want to be in the draw, leave a comment here and you'll be entered. You can enter more than once if you like. Simple huh? I'll make one each of these to give away. I haven't decided how the draw will take place, but it will be in a month on the 19th of February. Good Luck!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Sigh Of Relief

I've had a stressful couple of days. Midnight on Saturday was the deadline for submissions for the "Be My Valentine" show with the TBACA, which was fine. I spent some of Saturday with a few last minute tasks on the bears before a photography session out on the patio. The battery on the camera ran low before I'd finished so while it was recharging I wrote the descriptions, making good use of my time (this is unusual for me) Then back out to finish taking the pictures.
Do you think I could remember how to do the photo editing to get them into the right format for Sandi huh? After fiddling with the computer for a while and getting flustered, I sent a text to my son for instructions and he put me on the right track :o) It was starting to get late by then and time to cook dinner, so I left Chris in charge of the photo editing while I banged about in the kitchen for a bit. After finishing dinner and the bottle of red we'd opened on Friday night, I sent everything off to Sandi along with an email asking for confirmation that all had arrived. I then settled down to a little sewing in front of the telly, keeping one eye on the computer while I waited for Sandi to reply. Nothing! So I sent a couple more emails. Midnight passed and still nothing came from Sandi. By now I was feeling pretty anxious. I stayed up til about 1am and then decided it was pointless getting too worked up about it. I didn't sleep very well and in the morning we discovered our mail server was down! Our ISP is based in Queensland and with the wild time they've been having lately I suppose we should really have expected this. I sent a message to Sandi on Facebook and she replied saying that all had arrived and that obviously I wasn't getting her emails........PHEW! Slowly over the course of yesterday the emails arrived, and yes there was the confirmation from Sandi sent soon after I'd submitted everything! (stuff was going out but nothing was coming in)
I suppose that will teach me to leave everything so late, and I should be more organised! But I'm sorry, I really don't think this old dog can realistically learn that new trick. I've been lurching through my life from one deadline to another for too long now :o)
So here's a photo of our patio, my photography studio. It works surprisingly well, with a white cloth hung to cut the glare of the sun and one of the chairs up on the table draped with a cloth on which to pose the bears. I could have taken a pic of the setup, but we had an unexpected guest for dinner last night so I had to dismantle in order to use the table! It's a lovely spot to sit out in Summer, especially on a long balmy evening with a few candles for light.........ahhh relaxing.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Holiday

On New Years Day I visited Adelaide Zoo with Tobias. I was determined to go, and having our grandson with us provided the perfect "excuse"! My motive was to go and see Wang Wang and Funi the pandas. I had never seen real live pandas and this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. It was an extremely hot Adelaide summer's day, but the pandas have a wonderful enclosure where they are protected from the worst of it. Funi (the female) had a big "popsicle" which had pieces of fruit and bamboo leaves frozen into it, and she was making a determined effort to get at the goodies in the ice.

I remember seeing a comedy skit years ago involving a couple of guys dressed as pandas, as the panda exhibit in a zoo, and it was brought to mind when I saw Funi and Wang Wang. I couldn't shake the feeling that there was a zipper there somewhere and I was looking at a couple of guys in panda suits! The animals don't look real to me, maybe animated soft toys (or men in suits). Pandas don't have expressive faces, even though they are just about as cute as you can imagine any animal to be (this has something to do with the huge muscle mass they need in their jaws for all that bamboo chewing they do, making them look somewhat toylike). I'm so pleased I had the chance to see them and got some good shots. Tobias was more interested in climbing on things and pressing the buttons on the interactive displays than the animals, but he had a fun day with Nanny and Poppa and we had a lovely day with our adorable grandson :o)
I'm inspired to make a panda now :o)