Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Pandamonium" in the Bush

Again I am very guilty of neglect here on my blog. I don't know where the time goes, but the weeks and months slip by and I barely notice their passing.
At this time of year things are very busy in the garden, we have expanded our vegetable patch this season which means a lot of hours and days are spent weeding and watering. I can't remember our last significant rain, so the hose is in constant use to keep everything growing.
Next week I'm off to Victoria to Bear Essence again to teach the lovely girls there how to make this Giant Panda
This is a WIP photo, he has since been finished and sent on his way to Bear Essence. This bear is a very big armful of cuddliness and I'm sure the girls in Tooradin are going to enjoy creating their own.
Coming up is the latest Teddies Worldwide online show, so I am busy creating bears for that also. In a couple of days the voting will start for the preview, so make sure you head over to make your choices!
We have had quite a hot and dry Summer after a slow start, but the days are already drawing in now that Autumn is upon us. Chris and I have been gathering our winter supply of firewood, it has been drying on a sunny slope and soon we'll stack it so we can protect it from the wet weather which surely must be just around the corner.
As things slow down in the garden I will try to be a more attentive blogger, my friends.
Till next time......