Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Last Thursday I travelled down to Hobart for my polar bear workshop in Kingston. The weather was glorious and Autumnal, the days were warm with gentle breezes. There was a group of eight ladies for this three day workshop and they all seemed to enjoy the break from everyday life to indulge in a little bear therapy.

Fancy footwork

On day one we made feet. This is a really lovely day in which the trapunto is done for the bear's footpads, ready to be sewn into the legs. By the time all four footpads are sewn everyone was a dab hand at getting around those curves on the sewing machine.

Sherroy's blue-eyed baby

Shellie at work on her head
On day two we started the heads. There is a lot of work involved in this bear's head and by the end of the day I think some of the girls were wondering if they'd get far enough along with their bears to finish them. On Sunday most of the heads were finidhed and four of the bears were almost completed and the others weren't all that far behind

Sally loves Rolley

Sharon made her first ever bear at this workshop and she did amazingly well, I think we may have  a new convert there.
Sharon's first bear almost done.
It was a wonderful weekend, but I have to tell you I was exhausted by the time I had driven home again and my hands were giving me grief! But they seem to have settled down again to their usual level of achiness, so I'm back into it again with orders to fill and the Melbourne Teddy Bear Fair next month. I also have two workshops coming up at Bear Essence after the show (Mr Jingles)
A celebration!