Monday, June 8, 2009

An Amazing Week!

Wow! What a week I've had! The Black and White Ball concluded last night after a week of wonderful bears, critters and fun. I was surprised yesterday, and honoured to learn that I was the joint winner with Laraine White from New Zealand, of the public's choice vote, with my little panda Meixin. Later in the day the winners of the Australasian Creative Design Awards were announced, Katrina Ndrejica won the biggy and the runners up were Kim Russell and ME! So all in all a pretty amazing week with great sales to top it all off.

I can now reveal the bears and critters that I created for the show. I decided to stick with the black and white scheme and made a family of Emperor Penguins, a couple of Pandas, a couple of Polar Bears and a Tassie Devil! All but one found new homes over the week and I'm fairly confident that the last one will too. I'm so very happy with the outcome of my first online show, I'll certainly be participating in many more to come:) A huge thank you to Sandi Smith of for all her tireless efforts in making this event such a wonderful success and experience for all involved!

Meanwhile I've been working on a new panda design, which will be finished today. I'm really pleased with this one, and hopefully I will be able to get some photos later and get his cute little face up in here.


  1. Huge Congratulations Linda!! I adore Meixin, he is just so cute!! and you're other entries stood out as well, well done :) xx

  2. Linda, I am thrilled for you. Well deserved wins - your bears & critters were brilliant (yet again). Looking forward to seeing your new panda too. xoxox

  3. Congratulations Linda - it´s so well deserved.
    Oh - they are all so amazing. Congrats on the great sales too.

  4. well done you .I picked yours out straight away !