Friday, August 21, 2009


I thought I had better make a correction on my last post, we have gone beyond ridiculous with the weather, here in Tasmania. We've had a once in forty years flood and the river has been raging through The Gorge in Launceston in a spectacular fashion. Apparently we're in for much more over the next month or so, with a series of fronts blowing in from the West. I must admit I'm rather sick of the rain now, and it would be lovely if we could have some real sunshine for a few days. Everything is so wet!

At least it's great weather to be holed up indoors making bears, which is imperative with Hugglets just a matter of a few weeks away! I'm just back from Adelaide where I managed to sell a few bears. They're all panda mad over there at the moment, because Adelaide zoo is about to get a breeding pair of these fabulous animals and they're counting the days to their arrival! I sold more pandas than anything at the show :) Next year I'm booked to teach a workshop after the show, and you guessed it, it's going to be a panda!

I've added another little peek at what I have coming up in the "When You Dare To Dream"( ) online show on the 5th and 6th of September, one of these days I'll figure out how to make a collage but I simply don't have time for fiddling about on the computer right now, I have bears to make! So this little teaser will have to suffice. Cheers for now from a very sodden Tasmania.


  1. Been pouring rain with gale force winds here too...just as well it's happening now while I am forced (no car) to stay indoors!
    Good to see you sold at the show Linda...more spending money for Hugglets eh?

  2. We're never happy with the weather are we?? Its been glorious weather here - an extremely mild winter but we haven't had rain for ages and the water tanks are now half full. We've been doing too much watering. No doubt we'll have rain soon and then we'll be wishing it would stop.Good to hear Adelaide was good for you Linda.

  3. Very wet here too! Well done in Adelaide, not surprised as I love your bears and the peek looks wonderful!

  4. Our water tank is full and the dam is overflowing, a great feeling after all the dry years. Today is a little sunny, but we're in for more tomorrow so we'll be out with the tractor getting firewood this arvo :) I've got to get busy!