Monday, January 18, 2010

Sandi Sent Me A Button

Sandi Smith over at Bearly Sane has sent me a button for my give aways, feel free to lift it and use it on your own blogs :)
Thanks so much Sandi, you're such a gem to find the time to do this for me when you're in the thick of it!
In case you didn't realise, Sandi's in the middle of getting the TBACA Be My Valentine Show ready for our opening on February 13th, check out the TBACA website for the details.


  1. when I added your give away to my blog... I used the same pic... LOL

    Cath Ü

  2. Hi Linda, I'm looking forward to the Be My Valentine Show - it was fantastic last year! Will we see you in Sydney in March for the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair??
    Kris. :)

  3. Hey Linda! I have just changed my blogger ID (cant remember my old one!). So it looks like there are two of me following you. I assure you its just one!