Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teo, the Sunbear

Hi everybody, I have finally finished the sunbear sample for my UK workshops. This is Teo, named with the help of my dear friend Ruth.

Teo has a wired jaw and a long tongue. Sunbears are also known for their claws, so I have made quite a feature of these using a natural leather which contrasts nicely with his black mohair. He also has a locline spine and jointed wrists which make him very poseable. Of course he has my trademark leather nose and appliqued, sculpted leather feet. Now all I need to do is email his photo to Susan at Bear Basics and send her the list of ingredients, the pre-sewing instructions and the pattern.

I can't believe how quickly this trip has come around, I'll be off in a few short weeks! I'm not sure if I'll reach my 100th post before I go, I've been quite slack with my Blogging lately. I promise I will let you all know when the time comes, so keep an eye open for a giveaway in the not too distant future :)


  1. This guy is so cute!!! He looks so happy!

  2. Oh man, how I wish I could attend. Hope it's stopped raining here by the time you arrive lol

  3. Stunning, wish i can make this sun bear too!
    Locline and claws are new to me...

  4. Isn't he just the happiest little bear? Love his sweet face Linda.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. Thanks so much everyone, you comments mean alot to me. I starting to really look forward to my trip, it's looming up very fast on the horizon :0)
    Hugs to you all :)

  6. The little boy is so cute. I look forward to your course in September in Germany.

  7. Such an interesting course! Have a safe happy trip across the big pond in September Linda x

  8. theo is soooo amazing and absolute adorable! love him!
    best wishes and big bear hugs!