Monday, January 17, 2011

A Sigh Of Relief

I've had a stressful couple of days. Midnight on Saturday was the deadline for submissions for the "Be My Valentine" show with the TBACA, which was fine. I spent some of Saturday with a few last minute tasks on the bears before a photography session out on the patio. The battery on the camera ran low before I'd finished so while it was recharging I wrote the descriptions, making good use of my time (this is unusual for me) Then back out to finish taking the pictures.
Do you think I could remember how to do the photo editing to get them into the right format for Sandi huh? After fiddling with the computer for a while and getting flustered, I sent a text to my son for instructions and he put me on the right track :o) It was starting to get late by then and time to cook dinner, so I left Chris in charge of the photo editing while I banged about in the kitchen for a bit. After finishing dinner and the bottle of red we'd opened on Friday night, I sent everything off to Sandi along with an email asking for confirmation that all had arrived. I then settled down to a little sewing in front of the telly, keeping one eye on the computer while I waited for Sandi to reply. Nothing! So I sent a couple more emails. Midnight passed and still nothing came from Sandi. By now I was feeling pretty anxious. I stayed up til about 1am and then decided it was pointless getting too worked up about it. I didn't sleep very well and in the morning we discovered our mail server was down! Our ISP is based in Queensland and with the wild time they've been having lately I suppose we should really have expected this. I sent a message to Sandi on Facebook and she replied saying that all had arrived and that obviously I wasn't getting her emails........PHEW! Slowly over the course of yesterday the emails arrived, and yes there was the confirmation from Sandi sent soon after I'd submitted everything! (stuff was going out but nothing was coming in)
I suppose that will teach me to leave everything so late, and I should be more organised! But I'm sorry, I really don't think this old dog can realistically learn that new trick. I've been lurching through my life from one deadline to another for too long now :o)
So here's a photo of our patio, my photography studio. It works surprisingly well, with a white cloth hung to cut the glare of the sun and one of the chairs up on the table draped with a cloth on which to pose the bears. I could have taken a pic of the setup, but we had an unexpected guest for dinner last night so I had to dismantle in order to use the table! It's a lovely spot to sit out in Summer, especially on a long balmy evening with a few candles for light.........ahhh relaxing.


  1. Mmm .. looks like a very neat spot!!! But phew I'm exhausted just reading about the BMV submission ... what a business ... but smart thinking using Facebook to contact Sandi!!!

  2. what a breathe taking process before handed in your BMV submission.
    linda, i' m at your side too. technical stuff drives me crazy when the system is down or hand in successfully but without any reply...
    perhaps we should set the date earlier.
    have a good sleep, such a nice place ...

  3. Wow! Your deadline habits sound just like mine Linda LOL!!! No wonder Sandi think's we're scaring her come show deadlines!!! Glad to hear you got everying done - can't wait to see your entries!!! xoxox

  4. We all seem to have a story on this one!!! I am now in Perth and Mum is up for two new knees at 8 am tuesday morning!!! Last week was really tough for her so i was on the run for her and Valentines.......Made both so feel I have achieved!!! Welldone Linda!!! I know I shall never change and always run to a deadline!! :)

  5. What a lovely spot to sit, and take pictures. We are both fortunate to live in lands of sunshine. I never have to use lighting for photos. Glad it all turned out well.

  6. Ahhh, Joanne we get our fair share of gloomy weather and at times I do need to suppliment with lights. I don't know if we are going to get much of a summer this year, we've had an awful lot of rain. Usually by now we are gasping for it and everything is crisp (we got the tail of what Queensland copped)

  7. Oh dear Linda...only just now found time to wander through blogland and catch up on a few posts...what a "wet my pants" experience you had...and all because of the floods? No way Jose!! LOL! One of these days the ol' dog will find she's more organised than she thinks!
    I still love you heaps. XXX
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio