Monday, June 20, 2011

I Always Get It In The End (and you might too)

It seems that I can puzzle over things for years, trying various methods of approach that don't work and then all of a sudden all falls into place and the solution to a particular problem presents itself when I wasn't even trying (perhaps the phase of the moon or the alignment of the stars were perfect)! This happened today. Over the years I have tried and tried to sculpt a leather nose for my pandas which has the distinctive shape of a real panda's nose.  Many times I have tossed the resulting misshapen mess into the bin and reverted to my more typically beary nose. Today it's a different story, I wasn't even putting serious thought into it just fiddling about with a piece of green felt, trying out different shapes, "et voila" there it was in my hands, a panda nose! I'm so happy about this, but you are going to have to wait to see it, as this head is barely recognisable as the beginnings of a panda! (Does have a cute nose though)
My real reason for posting today is to let you know I'm having another giveaway. I see that I am inching my way to 300 followers (thanks y'all), good enough reason to celebrate along with midwinter I'd say ;o)
Tomorrow, on the shortest day of the year here for us down under, I will post a photo of the giveaway bear. So stay tuned, there will be some rules!
Meanwhile here's a little shot of Funi from our trip to the Adelaide zoo in January.......just to give you an idea of what I'm on about when it comes to noses and pandas :o)


  1. What a cutie pie! And congrats on the panda nose! Seems like these kind of things only work out when you're not trying hard.

  2. Bit like finding Mr. Right Linda...they tend to find you when you least expect it! LOL!

  3. I just love when things happen when you least expect it.

  4. I over think things sometimes when trying to work through a problem . I was trying to clean up a wall in my old house after stripping paper off of the rather steep staircase. I just couldn't reach the last bit and I thought what I need is a sponge on a stick to get there ...and some far part of my brain went..that's called a mop goofy! Congrats on finding your nose solution!