Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Was Unexpected

The other morning I had a phone call from my sister Susie wishing me a Happy Birthday, this was somewhat unexpected as she usually forgets (our family was never all that good with this sort of thing). We arranged a meeting in town for coffee and Susie gave me this gorgeous little "Sukeshi" doll. When I saw a group of these on her blog I was taken with "P'tit Fauve" particularly, because his little face reminds me so much of my grandson. Tobias gets just this look on his face on occasion, usually when he's thinking up some mischief! I think it is so special to receive a little something hand~crafted, and this little one is such a treasure. If you want to see more of Susie's work you will find it here. I wish I had a photo of Tobias with "the look" so that you can see what I mean!
Tomorrow I'm heading off to England and Germany. I'm looking forward to seeing my daughter in London and catching up with family in Germany and England. I'm teaching two workshops in Bremen and one in Somerset, and I am also exhibiting my bears at Teddies 2011 on September 11th. I'll be away for three weeks, so things will probably be a bit quiet around here. I'll tell you all about it when I get back!


  1. hi Linda, that 's a beautiful work, i just follow her blog, stunning!

  2. I love your sister's dolls, they're wonderful. Have an enjoyable visit with your family and a safe trip.

  3. Hey Linda!!! Happy Birthday and have a safe and productive trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Hugs Lyn

  4. Hi Linda,

    happy birthday to you, Linda.

    I wish you a good journey and I am looking forward our workshop here in germany.

    Have a nice nice and until thursday



  5. Happy Birthday ! safe and happy journey ... looking forward to your news !!

    beary good wishes, Robyn.