Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back To My Roots

While I was overseas in September I had an email inviting me to teach a workshop at Tarraleah Resort in the highlands of Tasmania. Tarraleah is one of Tasmania's old "Hydro" villages, which were built last century to house the workers and their families when Tasmania's hydro-electric schemes were being built.
My father was one of these workers, and in the 1950's and 60's our family lived in Tarraleah village, my first five years were spent there! I haven't been back to Tarraleah since childhood and this invitation came out of the blue, and of course I was intrigued. The development of Tarraleah as a resort  saved the village from becoming a victim of time and derelection. The workers cottages have been restored as accommodation, though my sister tells me that "our" house no longer exists. There is a range of different accomodations to suit all budgets from luxury through to a caravan park. If you would like to learn more about Tarraleah here is the link.
The workshop will be a basic bear for beginners, this entailed me making a sample "teddy" suitable for teaching novice bear makers. It is quite some time since I've made a teddy bear, and it was rather lovely to return to my bear making roots (though embroidering that nose was a challenge!) I'm rather excited about these weekend retreats, there is one next month (17th and 18th) and another in January (21st and 22nd), I really am looking forward to seeing "what they've done with the place"! Take a look at the website and check out the events callendar, there is a range of different weekends on offer over the Summer.
Perhaps some of my Tasmanian readers might be interested in a beary nice weekend retreat?


  1. That Teddy does not look like you Linda. It will be lovely to re visit you childhood memories.

  2. i' ve stopped by the site, there are plenty events hoisted, the beer making sounds interesting and it seems very family friendly for people with different personalities. It would be a great news for people living at your place. As they say, relax and have fun, wish you can trace back childhood memories and new experience there.

  3. Quite a hansom chap Linda !!! even though he's not the Linda we know these days you can still see your look in his face.:0)
    The retreat sounds wonderful might have to check it out when I visit Tassie to see my sister.

    Hugs Lyn

  4. Beer - making Oh no! Linda.........They think you are going to teach them how to make beer! Not a bear! (.........just joking). Hope you have fun in the old stamping ground. I must remember more of it than you because I was 11 when we left. I spent my childhood in that amazing bush. It was very formative!

  5. A bear weekend at Tarraleah, sounds great! Wish I was a beginner again :)

  6. Your bear is gorgeous....
    Sounds like fun and an interesting place! Love to visit Tassie one day:)

  7. It really does sound like fun. I look forward to pictures. Your little bear is gorgeous. I bet you get lots of interest.