Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Have You Been Up To Mrs. B?

Well now, what have I been up to?

I have just spent a busy ten days in Victoria, teaching two wonderful groups of ladies how to make Sierra. At the end of it all we had 18 "Sierras" in various stages of completion. I have to say that these workshops, which lasted three days each, were jammed full of techniques and I think all of the girls who participated were exhausted, but extremely happy at the end of the third day.

On day one we made feet! This was an optional extra workshop to create trapunto leather foot pads which were then sewn into the legs ready for the following two days. I was really pleased with how well this day went, and we had some beautiful feet at the end of it. Such a simple technique for absolutely stunning results!

On one of my free days, I designed and made "Mr Jingles" after requests for something small for my next workshop at Bear Essence (in May). These  workshops are already filling fast! After some consultation with the girls in one of the workshops and the addition of his accessories this little fellow was named after the mouse in "The Green Mile"

Well that's about it, apart from a mountain of housework and weeding in the garden and of course more bears, that's what I've been up to. I also need to find some pickle recipes for our abundance of cucumbers, the plants are at peak production right now and don't look like they're going to be giving up any time soon, so it would be nice to put some up for use later in the year. And I promise, my giveaway will be coming real soon!


  1. Looks like loads of fun, although the heads on a stick are a bit perturbing... ;o)

  2. magnificent! whenever i see your workshop photo sharing, i always wish to join or live in 0z,,,
    do post your making with the pickles, i love sour and crunchy food :)

  3. If only I lived in Victoria. It must have been a feast of information. How wonderful.

  4. It looks that you have spent a nice time in Victoria with a great course.

    I am looking forward our course here in germany

    Beary Hugs, claudia

  5. Hi Linda
    Gorgeous Mr Jingles. I love him...and some fabulous feet in the third photo.

    I just don't know how you manage to be so productive and teach and look after the home and...! I hope you are finding time to enjoy your summer.

    I've now been at home for the past 6 weeks and seem to be finding so many things that MUST be done before I can sit down to the bears. :( I really need to make myself a schedule like I did when I was working.



  6. Looks great! Love Mr Jingles!!!
    When are you over here then!!??? ;)

  7. Love those feet! Sound like you have been having great fun.

  8. Linda he is so cute! I love mice and so does my sister inlaw. Love his feet. If I was there I would love to take your class. I needle felted a little mouse for Joanne. It sits in a trunk pincushion.
    Hugs, Linda

  9. i love the feet, that s so great, sexy and wonderful, wow