Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Black and White

I have started work on my pieces for the TBACA ( Black and White Ball, online show, and also The Australasian Creative Design Awards which will be held in conjunction with the Ball. What fun it is to think of all the creatures in the world that are black, white or both! There are lots of them out there, and my being a panda and polar bear fanatic helps. That doesn't mean my collection will be all pandas and polar bears. I'm working on something entirely different today, but you will have to wait for the show in June to see what I'm talking about!

At the weekend I traded at the Doll, Bear and Miniature Fair in Launceston, I like doing this show, no air travel just a quick drive down the road. It always surprises me with good sales too. I also made a contact for some workshops in Hobart later in the year, so all in all, a very successful weekend.

On Friday, our 10 month old Grandson stayed with us for the night. It was his first night away from his Mum, and he cheerfully took it all in his stride. He's such a happy, easy going baby and what a joy to wake in the early morning to him happily playing "patacake" on our faces! I must admit I was rather tired all of Saturday, this ol' girl isn't used to getting up to a baby in the night, but that really doesn't matter when this little boy brings such joy to our lives! I'm looking forward to his next "sleep over".

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  1. Hi Linda,
    How lucky are you with your gorgeous little Grandson now having sleepovers. I remember that so well when you mentioned it, the little hand on your face to wake you up. Better than an alarm clock. Isn't it funny how they instinctly go for your face, and so gently. No shaking of the shoulders!! I cannot believe how you are now so into this computer lark!! I remember the girl who couldn't even answer an email. Go Techno Linda!
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