Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny

We had the cutest Easter Bunny visit us today, Tobias and his parents were here for lunch. Tobias exhibited an amazing Pavlovian response to the little bell around the Lindt Easter bunnies! He's going to be a chocolate fiend like his Dad, I think. I wonder if he would have the same response Sam had to a chocolate overdose? This happened when Sam was about four and he ate a large chocolate rabbit in one sitting.......and my mild mannered son became the child from Hell for a whole week afterwards! After that, I only bought the children small eggs which were strictly rationed over many days.

I'm still working away at my pieces for the Black and White Ball, I'm very pleased with them so far and I'd really love to show them off here, but I have to keep them to myself until June. So very frustrating! It has been a challenge being restricted to Black and White, I keep thinking of bears in other colours, but I guess they can wait until I've finished this collection. Then I can GO TO TOWN. I'll be delving into my fabric stash for all those other colours......I know where all the black and white pieces are :)


  1. Hi Linda! I'm in Chicago.
    Your little easter boy looks cute.....chocolate fiend - hah! Who in our family is not some degree of chocolate fiend? BTW He looks a lot like his daddy.
    Things going well here, but I'm starting to miss everyone at home....still I'll be home before long.
    Doing galleries etc in Chicago this week and then off to Columbus Ohio for the AFIC conference. Went to the big quilt fair here yesterday - it was ginormous! Some good stuff to see though.

  2. Oh wow Tobias is such a big boy! It seems like yesterday you were saying you were becoming a Grandma!