Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My little bear Bonnie along with her tiny Bunny, is featured as a project in the latest edition of Australian Bear Creations. It was a challenge for me to create a bear with a feminine look, as my bears are, on the whole decidedly male. I'm not totally convinced I have actually made a "girly" bear with Bonnie, and think perhaps she is really a boy in a ribbon. If you wish to create your own Bonnie all you need do, is get hold of the magazine (which is available in most Australian news agencies or by suscription directly from Woodlands Publishing) and there you'll find the full instructions for her. If however, you don't want to make her yourself she will be available from my website later. I have decided to only make one of these sets, so if you wish to own them you'd better pop over to the Benson Bears website and read all about them! First in best dressed as they say.

Excitement is building for the Black and White Ball, there are quite a few collages up on if you want to get some sneak peeks at what will be on offer. The Ball will run for a whole week and there will be new offerings each day, so it will be worth your while to pop in each day to see what's new. Sandi has done a wonderful job of organisation to keep us all on track and focussed. Now she has the enormous task of setting up the "ballroom" with all our photos and their associated links (rather her than me, that's for sure!) Meanwhile I will be concentrating on getting a sample off to Susan Davies at Bear Basics for my UK workshops. I have finished two little pandas for Teddy Bears of Whitney's 2010 catalogue, they are such a sweet pair, I'm sure Ian Pout will be happy with them. I'm also itching to get on with a new large panda in the gorgeous alpaca that has been waiting quite some weeks now! Of course there are always orders and the neglected garden and housework to do, so busy, busy...........


  1. Hey Linda!
    I'm in Maryland - two calsses here, then heading home at the end of the month! Whew! - it's been a long time. Good darts on the magazine thingy.

    See you soon

    XX Susie

  2. Hey there Susie, great to hear from you, I've been sort of keeping tabs on you via your blog, not that you've written all that much while you've been away! I'm looking forward to catching up when you get back HUGZ x

  3. Hi Linda, as someone else remarked somewhere, housework comes before sewing only in the dictionary. Regards Alveen

  4. Hi Linda,

    Many thanks for visiting my blog.
    I have just got my copy of the magazine and I look forward to sitting down and seeing your incredibly cute bears.

    Best of luck with the Black and white Ball.

    Enjoy your weekend

  5. I was looking at this issue in Borders the other day- my first thought was- OMG Linda made a girl! hehe... she's just adorable (and I don't think she looks like a boy with a bow hehe) Love the bunny too!:)