Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Sneak Peek

At last I have finished all my pieces for the Black and White Ball, I submitted all the photos almost by the skin of my teeth, (if there had been any internet problems it could have been embarrassing) and now I can give you all a little sneak peek at what I will be offering when the show begins on June 1st. This is only half of them, the others are in the Australasian Creative Design Awards and have to remain annonymous for judging and for the public vote. It has been such fun and a real challenge to take part in this web venture, I'm looking forward to the next one.

We have a new show in the planning, this is an exhibition of some of Australia's master bear artists and is called "When You Dare To Dream", it will run for two days in September (5th and 6th). By visiting the TBACA website (http://www.teddybearsandcritters.com/) you can read all about the show and see the list of the participating artists, there should be some exceptional works on offer at this one.

I'm going to be such a busy girl over the coming months! I have to prepare for this show, design and make samples for Teddy Bears of Whitney's 2010 catalogue, design and make the samples for my workshops in the UK and NSW, prepare for the South Australian Doll and Bear Show in August and Hugglets in September! Will I have time to breathe I wonder? As they say............. "housework only comes before sewing in the dictionary" ;)


  1. Hi Linda,
    This is Bonnie. I do agree what you wrote in "About me": "I love the reactions from children! They are so honest!"

    Children are really honest!
    If I make a bear, I will show it to Misha.
    If she turns her head to another side immediately, it means this bear is not attractive.
    If she keep look the bear, and even want to grab it. It means this bear is very cute!
    I love to see her reaction..., but most of the time she will turn her head to other side!

  2. I'm really impressed by the goings on in Oz! You guys really seem to understand how to present your creative selfs with professionalism. Will look forward to 'When you dare to dream' ... it sounds great!