Thursday, October 29, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

I have been making miniatures for the last couple of days, some traditional teddies for a change. I can tell you that embroidering their noses was a real challenge for me, since it is quite some time since I've done one.
Ever since I worked out how to put a realistic leather nose onto a bear's snout, I rarely do embroidered ones and I guess I've lost the knack, being somewhat out of practice. These little fellows are just 2 1/4" tall and fully pin and disc jointed. I've really enjoyed making them, apart from their noses that is (one of which had to be unpicked and resewn it looked so bad!)
It is surprising that I can manage to get my big hands to work these tiny bears and at times I do find them frustrating in the extreme, but I always get a thrill when one is completed. I rather like them without any ribbons or frills, I sometimes feel that miniaturists over accessorise and the poor wee bears become overwhelmed by all the bits that have been added to them. But then, apart from very early on when I dressed my bears in little hand smocked dresses and the like, I have always preferred to leave my bears bare.
I have also completed a bear for Sandi Smith who is my partner in the TBACA Christmas swap. This one was quite a departure for me and it even elicited a very positive response from Chris, who doesn't often comment on my bears. I won't show it to you until I know Sandi has him, as I don't want to spoil her surprise. We will be having a showcase of the Christmas swaps on the TBACA website a little later on, too. I've never made a specifically "Christmas" bear before and until I made a start on him I had so many different ideas I didn't know what I was going to do. In the end I just pottered on with it until a rather charming and very "Christmassy" fellow resulted, I just hope Sandi feels the same about him :)


  1. Your glasses must work well for you Linda. I love every tiny detail in these two. I really admire the wokmanship that goes into making such tiny companions.

  2. These little guys are really cute, and I agree, they need no embellishments. I can't wait to see this Christmas creation either!!

  3. GOLLY GEE WIZZ!! Those new glasses must be wonderful as Joanne said....your little bears look adorable!!!

  4. I can't even imagine how you manage to get your bears so tiny yet so detailed! Magical workmanship! Superb!
    Blessings and Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  5. Fantastic job. They are wonderful. I have not had any time to make any lately, so I love looking at yours. I think you did a great job on the noses. I need some of those glasses..............

  6. I love your little bears ... those new specs must be really good,yes please send me a pair too ! :0)

  7. I admire anyone who can make miniatures and these are gorgeous Linda. You have me intrigued with the swap bear, can't wait to see him/her, I wish I wasn't going away again so soon after just getting back into the swing of things again...but duty calls (parents). They do say patience is a virtue...personally I think I am void of virtue! LOL!

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments, it made a nice change to make some teddies for once, but my passion will always be that elusive "real" bear :-)

  9. I think they are lovely too Linda I'm looking forward to seeing everyone swap bears too.


    PS I could use those specs too!

  10. Супер михасики!!!