Monday, October 12, 2009

Spring Gardening

Since I can't get much sewing done until my new glasses are ready, I've been spending time in the garden. I have weeded under some of the apple trees with bees buzzing in the blossom above. I'm so glad that I haven't missed the apple blossom, it's so pretty and has a beautiful delicate scent. I discovered that while I was away the chives had started into growth and are actually quite large, I found, once all the weeds were removed! Spring has definitely sprung but it is off to a rather cool beginning, we've been in southerly airstream and with not much between us and Antarctica the air has been pretty cold. Out of the wind and in a sheltered spot however, you can feel the warmth in the sun (when it shines).

I'm finding it very frustrating without my glasses, I'd love to be getting on with some bearworks! I have brought back some fabulous fabrics and leather from and I'm itching to get into them. All I can do is look at them and drool, while imagining the bears that will emerge. I have been drawing, my old glasses are ok for that, and the optometrist has put a priority on my new ones so hopefully the wait won't be too long.

When the weather warms up some more I'll be getting into some more mud larks, making progress on the house. I'm feeling that we should make a big impression on the project this year it's clearer in our heads what needs doing, so there should be less standing around staring up at walls trying to figure things out. In fact I can't wait to start again, the winter hiatus has left me with a severe itch to get going! Despite it's frustrations, building is another enjoyable aspect of life out here and though it sometimes feels as though we will never finish, it gives me a great sense of achievement. Slowly but surely our home is emerging and sooner or later it will no longer be a building site :) The photo shows the mix of mud and straw which is packed in between the timbers of the house to make the walls. It dries to become very solid and once plastered and rendered is a very eco friendly and insulating wall system. This is a very old building technique and there are samples that have stood the test of time and have been lived in continuously for centuries.


  1. I know it is hard work but boy does that straw and mud look good enough to jump in!! And thanks for the link to a supply shop, always great to add to the 'places to look' list, and I see they support ABC...FANTASTIC!
    Have fun gardening and I really hope you get your glasses soon, how FRUSTRATING!!!
    Hugs Linda

  2. Two working days is all it took! There was a message on the answering machine yesterday when I got in from walking the dog, I'm so impressesd!( I did ask for them asap)
    Susan has a very nice selection of alpacas that we don't get here, and the leathers are gorgeous! Real soft, can't wait to try them on some feet :)

  3. Looks like you've got plenty to do ! We are only just getting a little start towards our rainy season ... very much DRY tropics here right now ! But according to the local paper the Croc's are on the moove !? the season must be turning here in the North. I love the smell of apple bloss...sounds like a good place to be!