Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Look who Chris brought home from the P.O after work yesterday! This is Lindsey who was made by Sandi Smith from for our TBACA Christmas swap. He's a sweet little alpaca bear with the cutest handpainted sleigh, he'll fit very nicely into my hug of small bears. It's pure coincidence that we both made cream coloured bears and dressed them alike in green felt! Perhaps Sandi and I share some deeper connection which caused us to be on a similar wave length when we were creating these bears. Whatever it is, I'm extremely pleased to add Lindsey to my collection, thank you so much Sandi :) A new album has been created on the TBACA website and this is where the swap bears will be displayed as they come in, you might like to have a peep at them (just click on available bears in the navigation bar at the top of the TBACA page and you'll find it)

I have a couple of pleasing new designs to take with me when I fly to Sydney on Friday. I have a one day workshop in Newcastle on Saturday, the Mittagong Doll and Bear Fair on Sunday and then a two day workshop in Castle Hill on Monday and Tuesday. So a busy few days are ahead for me. This is the last show of the year, after which I will be able to catch up with a few orders before Christmas, which will be a good thing!

I really must find some time in the next few weeks to reorganise my work space and materials, I seem to have spread myself from one end of the house to the other. I find this disorganised state of things very frustrating and wasteful of time, especially when a particular something I need eludes me. I do seem to spend an awful lot of my time rummaging through "stuff"!

We've been having some very warm weather here in Tasmania, the garden is going gangbusters as are the weeds and I suspect there will be rather a lot to catch up on in the garden when I get back from Sydney. With this warm weather the snakes are on the move too, so I will have to keep an eye on Lily while we're out on our walks.


  1. Gorgeous little chrissy bear from Sandi! Lucky you!
    I must say I look at the mags showing all these artists with immaculate work spaces and I shrink....I seem to work in a total ,extended throughout the house.... MESS!!!!!!
    Talk about weather....last evening we had the weirdest hail was warm and we had hail the size of tom bowler marbles...Elkie was so excited and we were running to get the car under cover..extrordinary!!!

  2. Oh wow, what a cutie!

    This looks like it was an amazing swap all around!!

  3. Hello,

    This bears is so sweet...
    I am in love with this bear...

    Sweet greetings from Marijke