Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Thought You Might Like To See

In a couple of weeks I'm flying off to the Queensland for the International Bear and Doll Show at Jupiter's, on the Gold Coast. This is a two day event, held over the Queen's Birthday weekend, and it will give me a welcome break from our wintery weather here in Tasmania. After the show, I am giving two workshops, each one runs for one day, and deals only with the head of the bear. This is a bear I've been teaching for some years now, but I have added some new techniques to it , so the workshops should have plenty of interest for those who are participating.

Included in this workshop are an open mouth with trapunto tongue, leather nose, leather eyelids, shading and detailing and also leather claws for those who wish to add them. It will be a very full on workshop. The kits have been sent out in advance so that the bodies can be prepared, and hopefully by the end of each day we will have all the bears completed.

Meantime, I've got bears to make for the show; so it's a good thing this cold weather we've been having lately, makes me want to huddle up inside by the heater with my sewing!

I know this photo looks weird, I took it when I'd finished the head so that Patti and Graham could use it for promotional purposes, and it does show what the workshops will entail. I have since finished the bear and sent him off to play with the other bears at the Kympatti Studio, I'm sure he's having fun in the Queenland sun :)


  1. Hi Linda! I am looking forward to doing this workshop!!! :)

  2. See you in a couple of weeks Therese :)

  3. Look forward to catching up at the show Linda!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  4. What a cutie!! Where is your Tassie course in July?

  5. Sweet face! I'd love to take that workshop but it's a bit far for me to flap my wings. Good luck and safe travels. I know it will be a great time for everyone attending.


  6. Aww, so jealous of those that get to attend your course, it looks great. Also jealous you get a Queen's birthday weekend, we don't and she's our queen lol

  7. Cute little bear head! Good luck at the bear show. When you come back from Morocco, I want to see one million and six pictures please! *Giggles*

    Hugs, Kelly

  8. Oh, Linda! I so dearly wish I could take this course with you! What a beautiful bear with a combination of fantastic techniques. Any plans to come to Colorado? :-)))

    Bear hugs to you,