Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have spent some time on the computer today, doing a little catching up. I feel like I have really been out of the loop for too long! DID YOU MISS ME?

I've been away for the best part of eight weeks, some of which was business. I taught three workshops, (one in Germany and two in England) and traded at the Hugglets show in London.
With business out of the way, I was joined by my husband and daughter for some down time in southern Spain and Morocco. Now, if you want a relaxing holiday I suggest you don't try Morocco! What an assualt on the senses our visit there was. Eventful, colourful, smelly, dirty, astonishing, overwhelming, amazing, beautiful, bountiful and completely stunning, but definitely not relaxing! I thought I'd share some photos with you and let you know I'm still on the planet. When I'm feeling a little less jetlagged I'll share some tales.
This is the entry to Casa Perleta, our accomodation in Chefchaouen (Ville Bleu)

One of the less crowded markets in the Medina in Marrakech, yep that's my back view :)


  1. Hi Ya glad to see you home safe and sound wow has it really been eight weeks? That market looks fabulous what did ya buy? Tell us all about it (love that shade of blue.)


  2. Hi Linda,
    Of course we all miss you;)thought you were up in the other planet. Do share more of how good Spain is compare to Morocco.
    Have a good sleep after long flight.


  3. Of course we missed you!! Looks Like you had a wonderful time!! Love to hear how it all went!x

  4. Now I would have never taken you to be an international jet-setter:) Glad you had a great trip.

  5. How very interesting your travels must have been, Linda! Glad to see you back home. It will be fun to hear of your adventures...but please, rest up first. :o)

    Hugs to you from Colorado,
    ~Debora and the Crew

  6. Welcome back! look forward to hearing all about your trip. Se you next week.

  7. Oh Morocco looks fabulous, can't wait to see more of your adventure

  8. Hey Linda,
    Sounds like you all had a great time can't wait to hear the goss. Will catch up with you at Woodend.

    Bear Hugs