Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where I Come From And A Giveaway!

I grew up in a family that was always doing and making, our parents encouraged us in all our creative activities and as adults we have all continued to make stuff. This little bird was made by my mother, it's stumpwork embroidery and is a late birthday present from her. When I went to visit back in August, just after my birthday, Mum said I'd have to wait for my birthday present because she'd sold it! That's ok with me, this little wren was well worth waiting for. I wanted to show it to you, so that you can see where I get my love of textiles from. Mum is 85, and I've never known her not to be busy with some kind of handcraft. I only hope that I manage to keep going like her, somehow I doubt that I will. I have aches in both hands at the moment after a really intense week of workshops in Victoria. But that might be because I had several weeks off from sewing while on holiday and then got straight into a big day (it was a bit like going back to the gym after a break). I'm hoping that after a while things will settle down and the pain will ease. I'm busy with new bears, I have a show in 11 days and more workshops. After that I can be home for a while.

I've just noticed that I now have 200 followers......time for a new give away! Now I don't yet know what it will be, certainly a little something made by my hand. If you want to be in the draw; become a follower if you aren't one already. Leave a comment here, if you have a blog spread the word with a link here and I'll add your name twice. (You can grab the button for you sidebar if you like) I'll draw a name on the 10th of December.

Keep checking back, I should have a photo of what's up for grabs after I get back from NSW


  1. You are so lucky Linda, if your Mum is selling any more I'd love to buy one.

  2. Hi Linda glad you had such a lovely break away and are back safely. I love the wren I have two in the garden at the moment. Your mother is very talented as is her daughter.

  3. So sorry to hear you are suffering Linda, it appears to be a common problem amongst us all in time unfortunately.
    Love the little blue wren, your mum has done an exquisite job!
    You know I'm a blog follower and will add your button to my blog I'm in!
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears

  4. Hi Linda,
    Try salt bath for your hands.
    The above gift is so precious which was bought down from the traditional craft.
    get well soon.

  5. I've noticed that creative people always come from a creative family - this is great! Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Please add my name to your giveaway, I love your bears and have been a follower for awhile, I will add your button to my blog.
    I hope your hands start feeling better, there is nothing worse than taking a break and then having to make a lot of bears again. Try rubbing Arnica gel or oil into your hands every night, it helps me when I am really sore.

  7. Wow! What a lovely bird.

    I would love to own something made by you. Count me in!

  8. Hey Linda,
    Love the little Blue Wren you can see where your talent comes from.
    Can sympathise with you and your hands mine are the same if all else fails I find a truck load of drugs help(prescription of course).
    Count me in for the giveaway am already a follower and will add your button to my blog.
    Will catch up at Mittagong
    Hugs Lyn

  9. What a gorgeous little bird and yes, well worth waiting for. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway. I do follow you.

  10. Please add my name. I am going to go add your lnk to my sidebar now. Thanks so much.

    ps. The bird is gorgeous. Exactly the type of thing that I am attracted to. I hope I am still creating at 85. I have come to realize when I am sewing I am truly happy.

  11. Hi Linda

    Hi Linda

    Great photos of Morocco and good to know you got home in one piece. I have been a follower for a while and would love to be added to your draw.



  12. It's wonderful to see such creative talent in needlework!

  13. I'm a follower, Linda! Love your creations. How fun to see the bird your mom made and to know that you're from such a creative family. I hope your hands feel better soon!

  14. Linda get well!!
    Thank you for your wonderful work of art - your bears craftmanship of golden hands.

    I would like to participate in your giveaway and put link on my blog as well.

    Best regards, Natalia

  15. Hi Linda, Sorry hear your hurting. It is no fun thats for sure. Your mom did a great job on the bird. Please add me to your give away. Linda

  16. Hi Linda
    I have become a follower and added a link to your giveaway on my blog:
    And I must say you have beautiful work featured here!

  17. Hi Linda
    Hope your hands are feeling better. I know I've had to take a break from needle felting because my wrists just can't take it.

    I would love to enter your give-a-way & I'll add the button to my blog as soon as I figure out how :)

    Oh & your mom is still making things like that at 85!!! Wow tell her she's amazing!!!

  18. Hi Linda! Been a follower for a while now. Please enter me in your giveaway.


  19. Hello!! Me too please add me add me I'll put the button on my blog too. See ya at Mittagong Cheers


  20. Jane

    What a wonderful bird!

    Please count me in the draw!



  21. Hi Linda, What a lovely birthday gift, it is an exquisite little blue bird.
    I would laos love to be added to the list for the giveaway.

  22. Oh/// what a wonderfull bird! Your Mum is a great talant!
    As you, I'm from a such creative family, and present from my mum so cute :))

    On the 10th of Decemver is my birthday - who knows, perhaps one of your magic toy would be mine;). I'm your follower and posted an active link on my left side bar here

    Hi from Russia

  23. Hello Linda! I would love to have a gift from you, so please count me in!!!
    And your birthday gift is so sweet!
    Have a good day!


  24. I put your giveaway button to my blog right side bar

  25. Hi Linda,
    They say lightning almost never strikes twice at the same place; so because I already won an adorable teddy ("little Benson"), I really shouldn't participate in your giveaway, but as they say "All is fair in love, war and teddy bear collecting" :-) So please enter my name in the draw and maybe lightning will strike twice in the same place !
    Hugs, Peter & little Benson

  26. Hey!! How did I miss this one!!! A follower forever1!! Off to link the giveaway!
    Put me in the draw please!!!!

  27. Hi Linda!

    Absolutely love the wren.'s just gorgeous.

    Between the sewing and needle felting, I know what sore hands are all about. :(

    I'd love to be included in your draw! I've added your button to my sidebar at

  28. HI Linda, tell your Mum thanks I will wait to hear from you. Love those little blue wrens you and susie are so lucky.

  29. Hi Linda,
    the Zaunkönig is beautiful. I hope your hand is feeling better. Congratulation for your 211 followers. I will set your botton on my side.

  30. Hi Linda,
    I'm glad I discovered your beautiful blog - and it's nice to be your follower No. 212 from now on... I love the wren, it's an amazing work - and so are your bears.
    I'd like to participate in your giveaway and I'll linkt the button to my blog immediately. Hope your hands are better by now!

    Greetings from Germany

  31. Hi Linda,

    I've been a follower for quite some time so I am excited to see what you giveaway will be. I know it will be wonderful. So - please enter me in the drawing.

    Your mother's work is beautiful. You will be the owner of a very special piece of work.

    Safe travels!


  32. Hi Linda,

    I would love to enter your giveaway! Please count me in :o)


  33. Another new follower blown away by your realistic bears....I didn't even know there were people who did such detailing . I'll try and figure out how to cut and past your button on my blog but I'm not to tech savoy .

  34. Congratulation for your more than 200 followers, i am one of them :o)
    The little bird is wunderfull.
    I will add your link to my blog now.

    Greetings from Germany Iris

  35. Hi Linda,

    I'd love to enter your giveaway!

    I have a blog address but nothing there yet....


  36. It's a wonderful present! Link is on the right bar

  37. Can't resist a giveaway - please count me in.
    Will post about your giveaway tomorrow & let you know.

    One of your divine creatures really wants to come to the Artic north (well feels like it anyway) of Scotland to help remind a Tassie-born girl what she is missing from home!

    Thank you for your generosity

  38. Your bears makes my heart melt!
    I would love to be a part of your giveaway! :-)
    I hope to get lucky! I am your follower. Link located on the left pane.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Hi there! Hope that you arrived home safely. How's the purple bear going? LOL

  40. Hi Linda! I m new your follower, please enter me for this wonderful give-away draw =)

    I have linked your button on my blog:


  41. Hi Linda, Please include me in your draw. I found your blog through Waynes from Wayneston bears on his facebook page. I've been following Wayne for a while. I didn't know that you had a blog. I also live in Australia, so ofcourse knew of your beautiful work. I hope you have a chance to take a break and enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Kind regards,Claire

  42. Finally added a post about your blog & the giveaway - sorry it took so long

  43. Your work is just fabulous! I'm so glad I found your blog.

  44. the bird made by your mum is really beautiful. what fine work!

    i'm looking forward to seeing your new bears and meanwhile, pls count me in for your giveaway. tks.

  45. Hi Linda

    I've been a follower and have also placed a link about this giveaway on my blog.

    Have fun,

  46. You are so blessed to have a family that is amazing creaters of creations. Sure put my name in your wonderful drawing. Your mom is doing what my late husband & I have tried to do with our family. Now I'm here to teach our grandkids by myself. But that's ok. For some of them like doing the same things as my husband did. Which makes me very proud cause I know we have them hooked on making things with their hands too. Merry Christmas to you & your family! Tell your mom that I love her work & to you I enjoy your blog too! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  47. Wunderschöne Seite mit tollen Bären. Ich springe auch gerne in den Giveaway Topf, auch wenn es nach Deutschland etwas weit ist. Aber eventuell habe ich ja doch Glück und die Fee zieht mich doch. Mit fen besten Grüßen Dirk
    * *