Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

The weather has certainly turned and we are heading into Winter after a rather disappointing Summer. Though, of course, I can look at it in a positive way and say that we never had that feeling of imminent danger this past Summer. No scanning the skies for puffs of smoke hoping that they weren't in our neck of the woods. The countryside has stayed remarkably green and now, with the Autumn colour in the deciduous trees, it's looking very pretty.
Nanou will be my next workshop at Bear Essence
I have just returned home after spending a few days teaching a couple of workshops at Bear Essence in Victoria. These were mixed classes of Teo the sunbear and a large polar/grizzly bear from a few years back. I must say that the girls all did beautiful work and some lovely bears were birthed. I'll be heading back over at the end of April for two one day classes, making Nanou in beautiful Japanese alpaca fur. Followed by a bear fair in Berwick which has been organised by Melissa Kemp, on 1st of May.
Just some of the girls and their bears
I managed to complete all my entries for the ACDAs before I left for Victoria. When Sandi told us that the challenge was for critters inspired by Beatrix Potter, I thought that it would be a breeze. However, this didn't prove to be the case! It was HARD! I can't go into what I made, but I can say that it was difficult not to end up making Jeremy Fisher, Jemima Puddleduck, Hunca Munca, Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten, Mrs Tiggywinkle etc,etc....... Remember we had to find ispiration from her work, not recreate her characters which are protected by copyright. I leave you with these tantalisng thoughts, you can ponder what inspired me and where it took me. On June 1st all will be revealed! So be sure to note that date in your diary, and head over to the ACDA site where you will be able to view all the entrants in this year's challenge.


  1. morning linda,
    have finished the ACD entries yesterday, it's really interesting to read Beatrix Potter's biography especially before famous. I was attracted by her scientific drawings, and those makings was crashed into 2 design in 3 weeks time. Hehe,and one of the entries bear was inspired by Jemima Puddleduck, wish you' d take time to see her at that time :D
    anyway, i love this theme, consider to work out more soft sculpture in the coming days and months.
    miss the workshop, i really wish to learn making black bear from you especially after reading those heartbreaking news of the torture of this species :((

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you all created for the ACDs, and wish I could get to one of your workshops one day.

  3. Beatrix Potter is one of my favorite authors and illustrators. I can not wait to view the entries here.

    And I love all the little sweet bears you and everyone else have created.

  4. Sound like you have an extremely busy life Linda. Can't wait to see the ACD awards, it's a lovely theme I like Beatrix Potter.

  5. Lots of Happy bearmakers there!!!!
    Can't wait to see your ACD pieces!!! I had fun with my one entry :)

  6. Oh Linda, was für ein wundervoller Polar-Bär.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  7. Nanou has such a gorgeous face. The Japanese alpaca is just sumptuous.

    I was asked to give a talk on bear making to my local Rotary Club and took your Wee Bear along as an examplar of the heights of skill that a bear maker can reach. There were gasps of admiration and amazement at the sight of him. He is a little masterpiece. He is proudly sitting on my mantlepiece clock looking down at me, as I write.

    The gardens and parks here are full of daffodils. Tulips are just appearing as is blossom on the trees. We have had a long, hard winter with snow that started in November, so it is wonderful to see Spring, at last!