Monday, April 11, 2011

It Won't Last, I Tell You.

From time to time my pincushion ends up looking like this.....
And when it does, I seem to waste an awful lot of
time trying to locate the right needle for a particular task. Rummaging around in the tangle, trying to get at my applique pins which seem to bury themselves deep in the nest of all takes up valuable bearmaking time.
The last straw came recently, when I was in Victoria at Bear Essence teaching some workshops. My dear friend and owner of the shop (Kim) had a dig at me and my pincushion! Then this morning when the dog swept it to the floor with her over enthusiastic tail wagging, and sent a miscellany of bits and pieces flying, I decided it was time for a pincushion clean-up!
And this is the result..........

                    ...........but It won't last, I tell you!


  1. Looks very familiar!!! Mine never lasts long tidy :)

  2. Looks like it's a common problem Linda...mine's not any better. LOL!!

  3. Well Linda I don't see anything wrong with the before version mine is the same...Organised chaos!!!

  4. Actually it looks like that first pic and worse, most of the time and from time to time I'll pull everything out, defluff and reorganise. It lasts about 5 mins :o)

  5. Too funny Linda. It must run in the business, mine looks the same.

  6. Oh my gosh Linda, that is so funny. I think it is all our secret confession - and you have had the courage to come out publicly and show yours - bravo!!! Now, if I were to show anyone my sewing desk....ekkk....