Friday, May 6, 2011

In Case You Haven't Heard....

I have been honoured with two nominations in this year's Australasian Creative Design Awards! Now that the hands on judges have completed their task, we are allowed to brag a little. All the entries in this year's competition can now be viewed here please take a few minutes to have a look and vote for your favourite critter. (If you find the photos a bit small to make a decision, you can wait unti June1 when the show opens and cast your vote then, they will be displayed much bigger then)
This year we had to find inspiration in the works of Beatrix Potter, a theme I had surprising difficulty with! It was hard for me not to just reproduce her characters, as I find them all so endearing! In the end I was pretty pleased with my efforts and these two have been in the hands of the three judges this past week. I'm looking forward to reading the critiques when I get them back. I always find "in the fur" judging very beneficial, it can bring attention to any aspects of your work that can be improved upon which would never be picked up from a photograph, and I certainly take the judges' advice to heart.
Squirrel Nutkin and his friends were the inspiration for "Nuss". I know the red squirrel is now rare in the British Isles but I do get excited when I see the little grey squirrels who seem to inhabit every garden and park, when I visit the UK. (Maybe I'll be lucky and see a red squirrel too, sometime)

As for "Missy" my little mouse. It seems I have inspiration for her all over the house at the moment, as they always invade when the weather starts to get cool. But in truth back when I was making her, the weather was warm and the mice were happy to be outside in the bush, so Appley Dappley's old woman who lived in a little shoe-house was my inspiration. Though I didn't give Missy nearly as fancy a shoe as Beatrix painted for her mouse, (it is a genuine antique button-up boot though).
I hope you enjoy seeing all the pieces in the show, there certainly are some wonderful works and some very interesting interpretations of the theme! 


  1. What a lovely read this post was Linda, I really enjoyed learning about where your found your inspiration.

    They are both lovely pieces.

  2. Congratulations Linda - I love these pieces! I was just about to say the same thing;loved reading about how you got your inspiration! I've sadly only seen red squirrels in wildlife parks... they are just sooooo pretty aren't they :0)

    Huggies, Ruth xx

  3. Nuss & Missy are precious.

    Happy Weekend.


  4. Congrats Linda, both of them are beautiful! I love those little fingers and toes both of them have, they are so detailed.


  5. They are wonderful!!
    Love Missy!
    Hugs Lindax

  6. Congratulations Linda! Both of your pieces are wonderful.
    I went to vote. I went before I saw anyone's nomination photos, although I knew some of the nominees. I actually had a very hard time picking out the artists, I could only identify a couple. This really was a very good theme. It made so many step out of their comfort zone and experiment. I loved all the entries.

  7. Hello Linda,

    Congratulations on your nominations! Good luck in the finals. They are delightful pieces!


  8. they are both adorable!!!!

  9. Hi Linda

    Many congratulations. Wonderful work. I love them both!



  10. Conratulations, Linda! I love your realistic creatures! They are alive! I never could do like this!
    And also I am happy that I will meet you in real this September in London - I will participate in Hugglets too!

  11. Great news Linda, congratulations !! I loved reading this post too, Nuss and Missy are simply beautiful !

  12. Congrats on the nomninations, and good luck!

  13. Congratulations on the nominations Linda! Love little Missy mouse.

  14. Hallo Linda, die Zwei sind wundervoll. Ich bin auf den Workshop in Deutschland gespannt.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  15. Congratulations Linda, they are cute and fabulous work.

    Regards Karen.