Friday, August 31, 2012

And On Their Way!

Yesterday I finished this little mouse to accompany Sierra on his journey over to Western Australia. I snapped a quick pic of the two snuggled together on my lap before I packaged them up for their flight.
Not the best photo, but it is a snapshot
These are the two workshops coming up in a couple of weeks at The Teddy Tree. Sierra 14/15/16th September and Mr Jingles 22/23rd with possibly another during the week in between, if we have too many to fit into these dates.
Such a lovely sunshiney day today! I would like to spend it here at home but I must go shopping (groceries, so nothing too exciting I'm afraid). Maybe if I'm really quick, I'll catch the tail end of the day here.....


  1. Lovely bear and companion mouse . I always worry about a mailed animal getting lonely with no one to share the trip, glad to see I'm in good company .

  2. like that photo, looks realistic in our real life. aw, sorry i have missed so many updates, it seems they are having good relationship with each other.