Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Can Feel It.......

I am sitting here in the bay window of the lounge bathed in sunlight! We have had several days of windy, wet weather but this morning promises me a glorious day, I can definitely feel Spring in the air, the birds are telling me so, as are the frogs in the pond at night. Besides our first daff opened yesterday and soon we'll be able to cut some asparagus (can't wait for that!)
I have been very busy lately. I had a quick trip over to Victoria for some workshops at Bear Essence. These were mixed classes, but most people made Chi Chi the panda.
I love the panda rear view.

Chi Chi is a new design. I'm trying to get a more realistic panda shape and I think I'm getting there. The trip was good, though Melbourne turned on some pretty wild weather while I was there and flying home was an experience! We had a very circuitous take off in Melbourne as the pilot steered the aircraft around the storms that were happening at the time and then I had an amazing view of storms in the clouds as we descended into Launceston.
Since I have been home I have been working on the sample bear for my upcoming workshops at the Teddy Tree in Perth, Western Australia.
This is a varient of Sierra, esspecially for the girls in WA. I snapped a couple of WIP photos as he was coming along. Most of my work is done in my lap with my tools and materials in various containers surrounding my comfy chair. It's probably not the most efficient way to make a bear but it suits me, and I know I drive Chris crazy with all my stuff (especially when there is no room to perch his cuppa on the coffee table!)
The bear is pretty well finished now and I have almost completed a sample of Mr Jingles (the other workshop) ready to post off this afternoon. I need to get them off as the trip's only a couple of weeks away!
So I'll leave you with this and get on with it, if I'm to have any chance at all of catching this evening's post.


  1. I hope spring comes soon to your little patch. Your panda's look amazing.