Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Time To Breathe

Life has been extremely busy! I'm flat out getting my pieces ready for the Christmas Treasures online show, I'd like to have them all finished and the related computer work all done before I head off to NSW for the Mittagong Doll And Bear Fair this weekend. I think it's going to be a push to get through it all though! (since anything even remotely technical seems to befuddle my brain)
After Mittagong I will be teaching a group of keen bear-makers at Teddy's Bits how to make a mouse! A fun workshop with some different techniques.


I then mosey on home via Tooradin, where I will be teaching again at Bear Essence. Here we'll be working on either Sierra or a large polar bear like the one I taught in Kingston earlier in the year. Kim has had some alpaca hand dyed especially for the polars. You might think that white is white, but there are degrees of whiteness and polar bears really are a few degrees off "white white" (You only have to look a paint sample chart to know there are a lot of whites)
NOW, A BIG SHOUT OUT TO BEAR-MAKERS IN VICTORIA, Kim tells me she still has room around the table for a few, so if you're interested in learning how to make either of these bears then give Kim a call! Visit the website to find more info.
Today is rainy, it's been pretty constant throughout the night and all morning. It has been a while since we've had such consistent rain, everything outside looks so fresh and green, the new growth on the fruit trees looks beautiful. We have just a few last apple blossoms clinging on, they will be gone in a matter of days, but we have the promise of some gorgeous old fashioned and highly scented roses to come. I'll look forward to them when I return from my trip.


  1. I've just met the bear Kay Carney purchased from you at Woodend. He is wonderful - so lovely to see him 'in the fur'!

    1. Did she tell you I'm coming over to SA next year to teach?

  2. wonderful i like all your bears and other creations

    hugs from Sylvia

  3. I love this little mouse- she is absolutely adorable!!!

    Bear hugs

  4. Wonderful bears and such a lovely mouse :O)))
    Bear hugs and a lovely weekend,

  5. I like this mouse too. It is so small and also so great. I looking forward to next year in germany. I hope my english are better then :0)

    Best wishes

  6. These are all absolutely adorable!