Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year Begins

A somewhat belated Happy New Year to everyone, I hope it brings all you hope for!

This is the bear I made for Tobias for Christmas
After a very busy, crowded, but happy time over the festive season, life has at last returned to relative normality. Chris is back at work, all our visitors are on their way and all my bear-making stuff has returned to it's rightful place (around my chair in the lounge) and I have begun work again. I did work on bears right up to the last moment before Christmas descended......I had some late orders and then one very special bear to complete!

This is the bear Tobias thought was his when he saw it. I thought brown would be a better colour for a four year old boy!
We were blessed with a nice long visit from our grandson, we had him for three weeks! I have to admit though, that by the time we handed him over to his mother I was exhausted and in need of rest. I had forgotten just how full on a four year old is! He's in the middle of the "why"s  too, and that in itself is exhausting. But as always we miss him terribly now that he has gone, he is such a delightful child.

A family Christmas lunch under b the grapevines.
We shared a lovely Christmas day with family and friends. Tobias was in his element with many people around for his entertainment.
After several hours in the kitchen and the wonderful assistance given by my daughter, lunch was served on the patio under the grapevines.  Much eating, drinking and merry-making later, and we moved our festivities to our neighbour's continuing late into the night where Tobias had a ball! On a subsequent berry picking visit a few days later, he asked "Where are all the people?"

A rather poignant photo of our two boys
All too soon we had to say goodbye to Sam. I thought Tobias may become difficult after his daddy had left, but he accepted Sam's absence and enjoyed more fun times with Nanny and Poppy. Some beach adventures and a waterfall walk, along with Lego creations, a big lump of red playdough and the dog, all to keep him busy and happy!
And visiting Oma, recovering very well after spinal surgery shortly before Christmas!

We also visited my mother (Tobias' Oma). It was so good to see her looking so well and pain free after her spinal surgery. After so many months thinking this was all life offered, and then have this miracle just in time to enjoy Christmas! Not so long ago she would not have been able to have Tobias on her lap. Now, hopefully Mum will have many more years to enjoy life again.
Well folk, that's about all. Tasmania has had a very fraught beginning to the year with devastating bushfires around the state. Yesterday there was a worrying outbreak not so very far from here, but happily the wind and tempereature dropped over night and the threat has eased. I will, however, keep an eye on the skies and keep checking the TFS website for updates and of course pray that we get some much needed rain soon (tonight would be good!).


  1. Hi Linda
    Happy new year to you too! Thanks for sharing your family Christmas with us. We are feeling for those affected by the fires in Tasmania and elsewhere, and hope, like you, that rain and milder weather will soon help the situation. Martin, just retired from Red Cross emergency services management here in SA, is particularly involved and in contact with his counterpart in Tassie, whose property was also threatened yesterday.
    All the best and
    Hugs from Kayzy

    1. Thanks Kay, hopefully things will ease soon. Rain can't be too far away!

  2. Hi Linda,
    happy new year to you too!
    A wonderful post today,
    but... I keep my fingers crossed, you will have rain really soon!
    I watch on TV about Tasmania and the bushfires!.....

  3. Oh yes, brown is a much more sensible bear colour for a wee boy! Glad you all had such a great time, and hope you get your rain (wish I could pack some up and send it to you!)

  4. Happy New Year Linda. Thanks for sharing your family Christmas photos. I'm sure Tobias loves his brown bear. I know I would if he were mine. I wish there was a way I could send some rain your way. It never stops raining here.

  5. Happy New Year, Linda! It sounds like you had a lovely family Christmas. I hope weather is kind to you and that cooler conditions and rain puts out all the bush fires!

    We have snow forecast for this weekend.



  6. a very warm atmosphere which filled up each of those photos, i can see the happiness on how Tobias love hugging with the white bear.
    happy new year to your family and good health for your mommy as well.

  7. Happy New Year Linda, and thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas photos ... looks like you all had a very happy time. Been watching the fire news out of Tassie with sadness, hope you are safe in your neck of the woods, wishing you lots and lots of good rain.
    Beary best wishes,