Monday, February 16, 2009


I've just picked and eaten my first apple of the season! What a relief! The apples available from the stores have been so awful, all soft and pulpy. The "Akane" apple I had today, was crisp and fresh tasting, with that beautiful, new apple twang. We're lucky we got any apples at all this year, as early on in the season we had a possum getting into the orchard. He was nipping off all the flower buds on some of the trees and the rose buds too. We did manage to catch him before he'd eaten everything and he was relocated a long way away. We had a possum living with us for a while, we rescued him from the road after his mother was killed. He was such a sweet thing, they are so undeservedly maligned here in Australia, especially in rural areas. If only people took the time to actually know them they would realise that they are intelligent animals with heaps of character.


  1. Oh Linda....those apples make my mouth water!!
    Love your new bear.
    Regards Alveen.