Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Old Is New Again

Today I cleared the junk off the top of my old Singer treadle sewing machine, vacuumed away the cobwebs in the workings and gave the whole thing a good sponge down. I wanted to see how this wonderful old machine sewed, after years doing service as a telephone table! Oh my! I'd forgotten just how beautifully she worked, after very little adjusting she was sewing like a dream, and had no difficulty at all handling the very thick, alpaca, fur fabric I was using. She makes a lovely gentle sound as she works, no electric motor, just the rythmic sound of the sewing mechanisms, such a wonderful way to sew a bear, and a little light exercise while you're doing it. I bought this machine a long time ago when we were living with no electicity, it cost all of eleven dollars! I don't think it had been used all that much, the booklet was immaculate, and all the accessories were present, in fact it looked like it was fresh from the Singer factory!


  1. NOTHING can compare to the smooth running of these old machines. Once cleaned and conditioned, they purr!

  2. What a lovely machine! I remember one just like it in the corner of my Gran's living room when I was a little girl!