Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Bear in the Bush

At last I have him finished! This is Bart, so named because he looks a bit mischievous. His coat is gloriously shaggy, English mohair, which has been hanging around in my stash for a while, waiting for the right bear........ and here he is! You'd have to agree, he has a bit of a wild look in his eyes and a little bit of cheek. There are more details available on my website:

The weekend was spent sewing another bear, which is shaping up nicely, I'm still tweeking this pattern, so it's another large bear from the design. I go through phases in my bear making, no doubt soon, I'll be back in miniature mode. It's a good thing to mix things up, better for my body. When the big bears become too physically strenuous, I return to making small and miniature bears, but they have their own challenges, they are extremely fiddly, and at times they drive me nuts, trying to get my big hands to work with such small pieces!

Sunday afternoon was spent doing a bit more building, eventually we may even finish this house! Everything takes so long!

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  1. Bart is personality plus! Yes, he does look like he is about to get into or maybe cause some trouble.