Friday, February 27, 2009

Road Kill?

The bear I'm working on, is looking like road kill, according to my daughter! Oh dear, the poor thing has all his limbs attached and I've added a locline *spine*, which is protruding from his body as the epoxy glue dries. I suppose Laurel is right, it really does look like it's been hit by a car! She must be almost in Hong Kong now, she flew out of Melbourne late last night, heading back to England. There were tears at the airport again, I thought it would be easier this time, (been there, done that), but no. I wonder how long it will be before she comes back again? I think it will depend on how well she can save her money, as she wants to travel Australia when she returns. How wonderful to be so free! She seems to be able to find work whenever she needs it, and then travels where she wants!

I'll be seeing Laurel in September, I'm flying over for Hugglets, Teddies 2009 and then I'll be teaching two workshops, one in Scotland and the other in Somerset. I really must get onto making a sample and sending it off to Bear Basics. Susan Davies is organising both workshops, she did such a wonderful job last year, at very short notice. No doubt this year with plenty of time, they will be even better! I'm planning a Polar Bear for these workshops, at the request of last year's ladies :) I bought some lovely alpaca from Susan, which I made Yuki in, so this bear will have the same coat. It's a lovely *dirty* white, I don't like a really stark white for my bears, I think this is just perfect.

It's an overcast morning today, I wonder if we are in for any rain? We could really do with a nice, big downpour, we're in drought, and have been for a number of years. Our dam hasn't filled to overflowing for a few Winters now, things are looking so very dry. I feel for those in Victoria, again, this weekend they're in for another horror time, with high winds, and temperatures and a crisp, crisp countryside already burning!

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  1. No it doesnt get any easier Linda at the airport ,done it twice now with both Sophie and Nick.I think it was a bit more empty round here somehow after they had gone.
    You will be chatting to Sophie soon at the show :) xx